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HIT Industries offers to its clients a company that has specialized in hardware, software, and service throughout the states of Oregon and Idaho, while having the added benefit of providing local service and support. HIT Industries has, and will continue to work hard to maintain its reputation for excellent support and quality products.

Equipment ordered from HIT Industries is usually deliverable in a maximum of ten (10) working days. For larger and more complex configurations a period of two to four weeks may be necessary to provide a safe time-frame for planning and possible shortages from equipment suppliers.

HIT Industries offers training necessary to operate your new equipment. Individualized training support is offered on an appointment basis. Hardware operations are designed to be user maintenance free. In an hour or two, operators can adequately handle hardware needs; however, software requires more time and effort, depending on the experience of each user and the complexity of the program.

HIT Industries has a proven performance record in supplying top-quality products. We offer our customers the best support available, and maintain a product that meets a standard that is uncompromised.

HIT Industries is confident that our products will do an excellent job for you. We are also confident that we can provide you, as we do all our clients, with the highest quality service and support available.
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HIT Industries incorporated into business in 1989. Before that time, HIT was known as HIGH TECH INDUSTRIES.

The company began with two employees and a Federal Grant. Since that time, the company has increased to a total of six employees and has expanded into larger quarters. HIT INDUSTRIES hires and trains local individuals and emphasizes quality over volume.

In 1989, HIT INDUSTRIES changed its name from High Tech. The name change was in conjunction with staff expansion and relocation to larger quarters. The name change was due to reputation confusion with other companies. The expansion provided an increase in staff which included three service representatives, two highly trained technical administrators, and office personnel.
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HIT INDUSTRIES (map) is located in Payette, Idaho. In the heart of the Treasure Valley, HIT serves clients throughout the States of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Developed software includes Beer and Wine Distributors, Retail Sales, Small City Management, Ditch Company Billing, Irrigation Inventory, and a full accounting package which includes General Ledger, Accounts Payable/Receivable, and Payroll.
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HIT Industries prides itself in hiring competent, professional employees. The President of HIT, Ray Wickersham, has a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering and has been developing computer systems/software for more than 25 years. HIT's Service Department combines more than 45 years experience in Electronics and offers onsite service and repair.
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We are proud to be an American
Proud to be an American
Hit Industries Inc.,
112 North Main Street, Payette, Idaho 83661
Phone: (208) 642-2334 and (877) 642-2334 / Fax: (208) 642-7153
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