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TAX REPORTS. Complex tax reports are an automatic by-product of the inventory and purchase order reports. The Distributor prepares all the information you need to fill out your tax forms. The system can even present the data to you in the proper sequence for the reports.

HISTORY INFORMATION. A wide variety of history may be printed or displayed for quick reference. Information by $$$ or cases. Buying/non-buying reports by stock number/product type/vendor and retailer groups. On/off premise reporting by customer/stock selections. Year-to-year comparison reports by customer/stock selection.

THE DISTRIBUTOR is capable of operating multiple companies. This would allow using a separate company for Point of Sale purposes. POS would then have history information available; by driver, route, account, and account type.

Export to ASCII format files for spreadsheet use. Also compatible with vendor on-line communication reporting. i.e. Anheuser-Busch WCN - PATSI / S & I / Retail Tracking reports. Integrated from the driver to the supplier.

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  • Driver Sales - Invoices printed in truck. Controlled inventory with load verification. Cost and Retail pricing information updated daily.
  • Pre-Sale - Current warehouse inventory information. Unlimited modem transfer of invoices to warehouse.
  • Sales Managers - Monitor performance by driver / route / type of account on Account Certification. Additional sales information, up-to-date account history available by remote communications from a laptop. Capable of generating sales invoices.
  • Invoice - Customer retail provided on invoice, can be selected by case, pack or unit. Retail percentages may differ by product, i.e. Beer and Snacks and are account specific. UPC codes on all items. Printed product summary. Listing of deposit information.
  • Customer Information - Account history includes product build and last eight deliveries. Route book, Account Certification, and Note files that satisfy the Dimensions of Excellence" program for Anheuser-Busch. Easy to implement CTE guidelines because of account documentation.
  • Hand-Held - DOS-based PC 25x80 column display, full 101 enhanced keyboard, uses PCMCIA Type I and II memory cards, back-lit display, and weighs approximately 11/2 pounds. Capable of running any IBM PC compatible software. i.e. Printing software to allow drivers to print pre-printed promotional signs for customers.

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The Distributor can also prepare complete vendor analysis reports, qualifying you for depletion allowances and postoffs from breweries and wineries. This improved reporting on your business alone will pay for the system within months.

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If you've never used a computer before, don't worry. We can train you or your people to use The Distributor in a matter of days. It's really that easy. On screen help and full file views make operation a snap. The Distributor software is complete; ready to be installed on any IBM-compatible PC or network.

If you like, you can add General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Payroll to The Distributor to expand its capabilities.

HIT INDUSTRIES offers modem support which provides on-site service through your telephone line.

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  • Inventory and Warehouse Management
  • Hand-Held Route Management
  • Sales Manager Laptop
  • Wholesaler Communication
  • Accounting Package

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Proud to be an American
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