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HIT City Manager

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Utility Billing Features

  1. Large name and address fields
  2. Hand held meter reading device
  3. Expanded consumption history file
  4. Handles electric billing
  5. All reports print or display, expanded audit trail
  6. One step off-processing
  7. Auto-interface to General Ledger
  8. Post Card Billing & Delinquent notices.
  9. Complete detail on all customer activity.


CURRENT RESIDENT - Allows input to the data base for new residents. Files can be changed, deleted or printed.

PRIOR RESIDENT - Data base for all prior residents who no longer receive city service, however, still owe money. Files can be changed or printed.

DAILY PROCESSING - Record payments, enter meter reading, or export meter reading from Hand held. Move a current resident to prior residents files, show all detail of accounts for the year.

MONTHLY PROCESSING - Calculates final bill for new prior residents, updates and ages all accounts and calculates new bill, prints new bill, prints listing of amounts owed by current and prior residents. Prints delinquent list or notices, zeros all paid prior accounts. Prints information for all current and prior residents, showing all payments and charges.

RATE FILES - Rates files are used to calculate the amount owed for water and sewer. Provides a combination of 99 consumption \ flat rate charges for each provided service.

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Fund Accounting Features

  1. Two fiscal years open simultaneously. Thirteen periods of audit rail. Out-of-balance detection and correction.
  2. Detail information by account or by batch - cash disbursement, cash receipts, journal entries - payroll batches - voucher files and vendor files.
  3. Batched detail for audit purposes. Complete detail on vendors.
  4. Allows use of multiple checking accounts. Report flexibility.
  5. Expanded check register.
  6. Export to ASCII file for spreadsheets.

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Payroll Features

  1. Multiple salary rates and fund distribution.
  2. Auto-interface to General ledger.
  3. Capable of Idaho PERS type deduction.
  4. Handles cafeteria plan insurance.
  5. Prints checks and W2s, automatic W2 preparation.
  6. Complete payroll history lookup \ easy screen selection and movement.
  7. Additional reports (FUTA, SUTA). Workmen's Comp.

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Requirements and General Information

Thank you for your interest in the City Manager. We, at HIT INDUSTRIES, believe it has proven to be a successful tool for Cities.

All of the Cities now using the City Manager have done so on a daily basis, within a week of installation. One reason for this is that all files are built and ready to do daily business at the time of installation. HIT INDUSTRIES will build your utility files at no charge; up to 1,000 accounts. therefore, training time is not wasted doing the repetitious task of building files.

HIT INDUSTRIES is confident in the City Manager and offers a ninety (90) day guarantee. If you use the system for ninety days and are not satisfied with the results, HIT INDUSTRIES will refund the purchase price of the software. We are not interested in having cities using a product they are not comfortable or satisfied with.

The City Manager will operate on any PC-compatible computer with sufficient memory and disk space to maintain the billing history you choose. The Utility Billing and Payroll require a wide carriage printer. We also suggest you purchase a modem and Carbon Copy software.

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Software Prices

  • Windows Version Utility Billing with file conversion - $3,500.00
  • Utility Billing and Fund Accounting are priced as a package at $4,000
  • Payroll is sold separately for $1,000
  • Utility Billing may be purchased separately for $2,500
  • Fund Accounting may be purchased separately for $2,500
  • Travel and lodging are additional depending on installation requirements
  • Carbon Copy modem software priced at $120
  • US Robotics compatible modem prices vary

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